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Our goal is to be a valuable partner to our customers by providing the cost benefits of
off-shore manufacturing, total quality control, reliable delivery, customer service,
local warehousing and inventory management.

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IBEX September 28-30, 2021
Tampa, FL 


Wakulla Marine is located in St Louis Missouri metro area close to the airport and supplies marine accessories manufactured in Asia. We are committed to premium quality and service and on-time delivery at a competitive cost. We offer you ease and confidence in your daily communications by working with our US-based engineer, sales and supply management team. 

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We offer a variety of standard and custom products including stainless steel ladders, seats and seat hardware, stainless steel and plastic cupholders, handrails, casting stainless steel parts and spaghetti mat etc.


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155 Weldon Pkwy, Suite 117

Maryland Heights, MO 63043



Tel: 1-314-546-5001